Business Industy ‘Dry’ Ice for Shipping Food | Ice Packs for Coolers and Lunch Boxes | Non Toxic | Flexible,

Business Industy ‘Dry’ Ice for Shipping Food | Ice Packs for Coolers and Lunch Boxes | Non Toxic | Flexible,

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These ice packs will KEEP FOOD CHILLED whilst you are WORKING or having FUN OUTDOORS

Your KIDS will enjoy FRESH MEALS in their LUNCHBOX

If you plan to SHIP FOOD, please use in combination with a COOLER BAG or INSULATION CONTAINER

This will MULTIPLY the STRENGTH of the two and will provide you with longer lasting coldness


1) Simply submerge into fresh water. The pack will hydrate RAPIDLY

Absorb water PARTIALLY to use in LUNCH BOXES or FULLY if you need them to last long WITH YOUR COOLER

Don’t soak too long!
4-5 min would be more than enough

2) Then FREEZE OVERNIGHT (or longer) to achieve FULL FUNCTIONALITY

? IMPORTANT: This product is safe to use, FDA approved, but it is NOT EDIBLE ?

If you accidentally cut a cell open simply throw the contained polymer away, or cut and remove the cell

  • LIGHT and FLEXIBLE – Easy to MOLD AROUND your bottles or snacks

  • There is NO GEL, so there will be NO SLIMY RESIDUE. They are ‘dry’, in the sense of ‘not wet’, so there will be NO MELTED WATER

  • ‘Dry’ ice lasts 4 – 7 times LONGER than ‘water’ ice

  • No carbon dioxide The packs contain super absorbent polymer that is approved and SAFE to transport BY AIR as checked baggage

  • The packs are REUSABLE Use them with care to extend their life as much as possible

  • Easy to customise and RESIZE. Simply cut between the sells to divide into smaller packs

  • LARGE SIZE: 17 x 8.5 inch, 4 x 3 cells

  • 10 SHEETS, absorbing 960 ml of water per sheet

👍 Purchase TODAY to bring MORE COMFORT to your life!

Have FUN and LIVE 2DAY 👍?? LONG LASTING and FLEXIBLE ICE PACKS: ?? The sheets are soft and easy to MOLD AROUND YOUR SNACKS and drinks ?? Use the packs in combination with your favorite COOLER, to MULTIPLY the strength of the two, providing you with longer lasting coldness. On it’s own, the ice packs will last 4-7 times longer than ice, but pairing them with a COOLER will give you optimal performance.
?? NO GEL = NO LEAKING and NO MELTING: ?? PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT Dry Ice in the sense of Carbon Dioxide. It is ‘DRY’ in the sense of ‘NOT WET’. This means that your cooler will stay dry, because there will be no leaking water or melting ice. Also NO SLIMY RESIDUE on your food, no matter if the sheets had been Chilled in the Fridge or fully Frozen in the Freezer overnight.
?? 10 LARGE SHEETS you can CUSTOMIZE : ?? Rapid and all-around absorption of 960 ml of water per sheet. High quality material ?? LARGE SIZE: 17” x 8.5”, 4 x 3 cells. Cut between the cells to RESIZE into SMALLER PACKS.
?? SAFE TO USE: ?? NO CARBON DIOXIDE (NO SMOKE), Approved for Air shipments, Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly, Fully certified (FDA, ISO9001, SGS, HACCP)
?? VERSATILE and REUSABLE: ?? Soak in water for 1-2 min to PARTIALLY expand the cells. SLIM sheets are ideal for Lunch bags & kids meals; Soak 5-7 min to have FULLY expanded, THICK sheets to use along with your COOLER, when you need their longest lasting coldness. ?? FREEZE overnight. Reusable Ice Packs for party, outdoor camping, traveling or picnic, fishing, hiking, boating, beach and gym. Restrain bacterial growth in meat, fish, drinks, dairy, fruit and snacks.